Enhance the Perception of Space in a Small Room

Enhance the Perception of Space in a Small Room with These 3 Rug Placement Tips

  1. Opt for a Single, Well-Measured Area Rug

Choose a single, expansive area rug instead of multiple smaller ones to create an illusion of spaciousness. Begin by accurately measuring the room's dimensions. Then, select an area rug that aligns within 12 inches of all four walls. Remember the wise saying: "Measure twice, cut once."

These suggestions represent only a fraction of the available choices for rug placement. After settling on the ideal rug size, turn your attention to considerations of texture.

Moroccan Area Rug in a Living Room

  1. Choose a Low-Texture Area Rug

In compact rooms, space can quickly become cluttered. While textured carpets add visual interest, they can overwhelm limited areas. Although we have an affinity for highly textured area rugs, it's advisable to reserve them for more spacious rooms in your home.

Detail of a Neutral Persian Rug


  1. Opt for Light Tones and Minimal Patterns

Light-colored rugs infuse brightness into a room, creating an airy atmosphere. Delicate pastels, understated neutrals, and off-white shades are excellent starting points. Patterns, akin to textures, possess visual appeal but can make a space feel busy.

Once you've chosen the perfect area rug for your small room, contemplate your furniture choices. Maximize the space by incorporating storage solutions wherever feasible. For bedrooms, explore beds with built-in drawers, like the Queen Complete Storage Bed showcased here. In a compact living room, multifunctional ottomans doubling as storage can be a smart choice.

In conclusion, addressing the challenges of compact rooms requires thoughtful planning. Should you seek further assistance, send us a message and we will do our best to find the perfect match for you!

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