How Do I Choose a Rug for My Sectional Couch ?

Elevate Your Sectional Couch with Warmth and Style

A well-chosen and perfectly placed rug can work wonders in your living space. It not only brings in visual warmth but also that cozy, "sink-your-feet-in" kind of comfort.

Creating Cozy Vibes Let's talk warmth, both figuratively and literally. Rugs act as insulation, keeping your feet off the chilly floor and cradling them in soft luxury. They also exude warmth visually, making your space feel inviting and comfortable. 

Define Your Space Rugs work wonders for interior designers. They can define spaces within spaces. Take your living room, for instance. Placing a rug beneath your sectional not only cushions your feet but also marks the territory as an area of comfort and relaxation. 

The Rug and Sectional Tango It can feel a bit daunting to find the right rug size for your sectional. So we've got some pro-tips. As a general rule of thumb, match large sectionals with larger rugs and smaller sectionals with, well, smaller rugs. When in doubt, go bigger. A rug that's too small for the space feels like an awkward fit, breaking the harmony.

A large rug can take your sectional to a new level.

Sizing Your Rug Like a Pro The key is to find the perfect balance between the rug and the sectional. For those roomy sectionals, think about larger rug sizes - a 10' x 14' or even bigger. Medium-sized sectionals of about 7' x 8' cozy up well with 8' x 10' rugs. And smaller sectionals, say 6', match perfectly with 6' x 9' rugs.

Sizing Options: Get Creative Now, here's where the fun starts. There are different ways to position your rug. You can place the entire sectional on it for a grounded, cohesive feel. Or, if your sectional hugs a wall, opt for a more relaxed look with only the front feet on the rug. Feeling adventurous? Try a smaller rug in front of the coffee table for a unique twist.

Style and Color Matters Last but not least, don't forget about style and color. Your rug should harmonize with your sectional and your room's color palette. It's the secret touch for a harmonious design. Consider pile length and texture too; a higher pile Moroccan rug invites floor lounging, while Persian rugs with lower pile offer easy maintenance.

Choosing a bright pattern of a Moroccan rug will elevate your living space.

With a dash of creativity and these sizing suggestions, you're well on your way to a space that's stylish, comfortable, and uniquely you.

We're here for all your rug needs -- feel free to send us some pictures of your space and we're happy to offer input and advice :) 

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