Moroccan Rug Featured on HBO's Euphoria and Our Claim to Fame

Never in a million years did we imagine there would be a mere couple degrees of separation from us and everyone's ultimate celebrity crush, Zendaya, but here we are giddy with excitement to share our Claim to Fame.

Sometime in the Spring of 2021, the set designer for HBO's Euphoria reached out to us asking about our Moroccan rugs (!!!). We *promptly* responded, giving her first looks of the sizes and styles that she was looking for. Eventually she picked and purchased a gorgeous number, we were sworn to complete secrecy, and had no clue when or if the rug would make an appearance on the show.

Fast forward months later to the dead of winter, and there she is, our very own Lost Hunt Moroccan Rug featured on Season 2 Episode 2. If you had a quick glimpse into our work text thread, it's blend of all caps OMG's and endless exclamation points. We were thrilled to say the least.

Anyway, here's the rug that they showcased in Elliot's moody messy drug-riddled teenage bedroom, and we just think everything about it is perfect, though we may be a bit biased.

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