Rug Sizing

One of the most important things to consider when buying a rug for your space is SIZE. Here we'll outline what rug sizes work best for your bedroom, living room and kitchen! 

Below are illustrations that we found super helpful from Urban Outfitters. We've added some real life photos to illustrate how both Persian rugs and Moroccan rugs work in those sizes in real spaces :) 

3x5 - 4x6 Persian and Moroccan rugs works super well in small bedrooms with full and queen size beds. The goal is to have at least two legs of the bed rest on top of your new rug!

5x7 Rugs work beautifully in smaller living rooms and bedrooms with queen and even king size beds. The trick to making a smaller living room rug work is ensuring that the front legs or either your sitting space or your couch are on top of your Moroccan or Persian rug!

6 x 9 rugs are are a real sweet spot! We love a 6x9 Moroccan Rug for a living room. Both your chairs and the front legs of your couch should fit well without feeling too cramped. Try to avoid a "floating" rug in your living room by getting a 6x9 or larger!

8 x 10 Moroccan or Persian rugs are LUXURIOUS! Of course this size runs at a steeper price but dang is it cozy to have a rug that size in your bedroom! This size rug will accommodate your entire queen size bed and will be gorgeous with a king size bed too. King size beds LOVE a big rug. 

Runner rugs are excellent for kitchens, amazing money savers at the foot of a king size bed and for awkward boring spaces like hallways! Runners come in both Persian and Moroccan rug styles and can be super versatile!

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