Rug TLC 101

Cheers to your gorgeous rug! Just like any treasure, a little care goes a long way in extending its life. Below, discover answers to the rug care questions we hear the most.


  • My Moroccan rug seems to be shedding a lot. Is this normal?

Brand-new beauties: Moroccan rugs will usually shed for about 6 months, then ease off gradually. Plusher rugs might shed a bit more.

  • Can I give my Persian and Moroccan rug a vacuum? Which vacuum is the ideal partner?

Absolutely! Just remember, low is the tempo for vacuuming, and say no to rotary vacuums (those with the twirling brush). Vacuuming every couple of weeks is a sweet spot, but no more than once a week.

Why the rotary rejection? Their brush bars may give a rug a bit too much love, causing more shedding and potential wool wear and tear.


  • A thread on my rug is escaping from the middle. How to wrangle it?

No pulling, please!

For Moroccan rugs, trim the wandering thread to match their pile.

For lower pile Persian rugs, gently tuck the yarn back into the fabric weave. A sewing needle's head can be a handy prop.

  • The binding's edge has some loose threads. How to coax it back?

With care, tuck the thread back into the binding. A sewing needle's head can be a friend here too.

  • My indoor rug seems sunnier - not in a good way. Why?

Sunbeams are lovely, but they can bleach the vibrance from your rug over time. Embrace the natural aging process, or rotate your rug monthly to even out the sun's affectionate touch.


  • Oops, a stain on my rug. What's the plan?

Swift action is key. Follow these steps based on your rug's character:

Wool rugs:

Mix a dash of clear, unscented dish soap or Woolite in a bowl. Gather a toothbrush and a clean towel. Dip the toothbrush in cold water, then scrub the spot gently. Dab with the towel dipped in soapy water to lift the stain. Alternate the toothbrush and towel gently until the stain retreats. Don't rub! If the stain resists, we suggest taking to a professional.

For furry friend accidents: Follow above steps and consult the experts. Puppy woes and wool rugs need a professional's touch.


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