What size rug do I need for my sectional couch?

Need to know what size rug to get for your sectional? We've got you covered. 

We like the "front feet" rule when it comes to your living room rug. Your rug should be large enough to fit the front feet of your sectional and also center a coffee table. We styled our 9'x5'8" Sundew Moroccan Rug with our Crate and Barrel Oceanside Sectional and it looks perf. 

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE CHAISE? How far should the rug extend past the chaise? Does the front feet rule apply to the chaise?! The answer is yes and no :) One thing is for certain that the chaise's first leg simply MUST live on the rug. See this our Pattypan Moroccan rug styled with this rule in mind:

white crate and barrel sectional paired with a moroccan rug

Sizing can be really flexible! Both rugs above accomplished the same goal and varied in size! Of course a larger rug will give a more luxurious feel but a smaller rug totally does the trick too and is better for your budget!





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