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Adian Persian Pictorial Gabbeh Rug

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Vintage Persian rug

Made of wool and features a soft terracotta field with a central tree of life motif. Floral motifs in Persian rugs often symbolize natural beauty, the cycle of life, and renewal. Flowers represent vitality, growth, and the transient nature of existence. They are a reminder of the ever-changing seasons and the impermanence of life. Surrounding the Tree of Life are various pictorial motifs such as birds, figures, and flowers. This is likely a Gabbeh rug, which often feature simple and primitive designs, including plain formats with one or two small figures or more abstract motifs such as animals, plants, and symbolic elements. Gabbeh designs are more open, with fewer decorations, and they often have a more modern aesthetic because of their minimalist approach. In good vintage condition.

Please note that we do our very best to honestly depict our products. Our Persian collection of rugs are vintage, handmade one-of-a-kind pieces thus it is not uncommon for variations in wear, color, and dimensions. We encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or extra content to feel confident in your purchase.

**Content + Care**

\- Wool/Wool blend

\- Vacuum or shake out weekly. Professionally wash only.


\- 5’8”x3’3”

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100% Wool, Handwoven

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Care Instructions

Vacuum on high pile setting weekly, shake out monthly, take to a professional for deep cleaning.

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